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Getting your MFA…a waste of time?!

This is a departure from my regular posts in that it doesn’t deal with women playwrights or playwriting or theatre at all really…but it is a topic that affects me as a woman who is currently getting her MFA in … Continue reading

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Ghosts and Shadows: An Interview with Laurie McCants, Part I

Playwright Laurie McCants. Photo by Sabrina Hamilton. Laurie McCants is a dramachick to the core. A graduate of Northwestern University’s master of arts in theatre program, she joined a group of her fellow graduates in a cross-country trip to the rural Pennsylvania town of … Continue reading

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This is not a post

I am not posting today.  Ok, technically, technically, I am posting today, right now in fact. But it’s only a post to tell you that I won’t be posting. So for the sake of argument, this is not a post. I’ve … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday: ‘Porgy and Bess’ Redux

Controversy is a-brewin’ over the upcoming revival of George and Ira Gershwin’s classic 1935 opera, Porgy and Bess. And just to make things fun, there’s controversy OVER the controversy. Here’s the basics: Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks (Topdog/Underdog) and theatre/opera director Diane … Continue reading

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Playwright Spotlight: Lillian Hellman

You have no idea how many puns I had to let go of as I was thinking about the title of this post.  I mean, what the hellman?  (couldn’t resist…)  ANYWAY…moving on.  🙂 After Agatha Christie, Lillian Hellman was the next female playwright … Continue reading

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Views and Reviews: TWELVE OPHELIAS by Caridad Svich

Since my first (and most recent) interview featured award-winning playwright Caridad Svich, I thought it would be both timely and appropriate to review the play that introduced me to her body of work. Twelve Ophelias: A Play with Broken Songs is the first play … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday: Stars light up new play by Theresa Rebeck

Ok, ok…I know I’m a Harry Potter nerd, but even if your aren’t the type to appreciate the complexities of the stunning portrayal of Severus Snape, you can still be a fan of Alan Rickman. From his romantic roles in Love, … Continue reading

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