Adventures with Chicky! Day One at The Playwrights’ Center

I am EXHAUSTED.  But in a good way!  (I think.)  😉  Please excuse me if I take a break from my typical posting schedule, but I think an adventure of this type requires some format modifications.  🙂

Today was my first day at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Aside of a grumpy bus driver, the day went pretty smoothly!  I arrived early and met Bethany (who is in charge of us interns) and then my fellow interns — Audrey, Finn, Nick, Elle, and Callie.  We had four hours of orientation; we got a tour and a run-down of our jobs for the next two weeks.  In addition to playwright Winter Miller (who I will be working with personally!) we will be working with playwrights Mat Smart, Sarah Gubbins, and Dominic Orlando, as well a number of actors, directors, and recipients of the Jerome Fellowship and McKnight Fellowship.  The PlayLabs festival provides the opportunity for playwrights to have a rehearsal and then a first public reading of their plays; THEN they do re-writes, more rehearsals, and a SECOND public reading of their plays, allowing playwrights the much-needed chance to hear their work out loud and make adjustments before it receives a full production.

The Playwrights’ Center goes one step further than a regular staged reading. They allow the playwright to connect not only with a director and actors, but with a dramaturg and a designer.  For two of the plays being workshopped there is a sound designer; for the others, the playwrights and directors and working with projectionists to create visual design. One of the playwrights even opted out of using a dramaturg and asked for a costume designer instead.  In this way, the playwrights aren’t just limited to hearing how their scripts might be read; they are given the opportunity to gain an additional design element that wouldn’t normally be discovered until first production.

So, my first day was a wealth of information!  And I had fun hitting a local restaurant with my fellow interns for 40 cent wings (and now I’m stuffed!).  I think I’m going to crash soon because I’ve got another big day ahead of me!  Hopefully one of these days will involve an interview with a dramachick or two.  🙂  Maybe next time on ADVENTUUUUUUUURES WIIIIIIITH CHICKYYYYYYYYYYY!

About dramachicky

I am a dramachick: a playwright, actress, director, wife, singer, reader, aunt, daughter, student, teacher, and dreamer. My husband has taken to calling me dramachicky. :-) I have my M.A. and M.F.A. in creative writing/playwriting from Wilkes University. My husband and I started a small theatre group in northeast Pennsylvania called Ghostlight Productions. I love all things theatre and I am thrilled to launch this blog as a celebration of women playwrights.
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