Newsday Tuesday: See Sarah Ruhl and Frances McDormand – FREE!

I am WAY TOO BUSY.  You know how I know this?  Because there is a WICKED AWESOME opportunity in New York City that I HAVE TO MISS because there’s a rehearsal for Shakespeare in the Park and as the director I’m supposed to be there or something.  Ah well; so the story goes.

As for the rest of you — TAKE ADVANTAGE!

On Monday, April 23rd, at 6 p.m., MY FAVORITE PLAYWRIGHT IN THE WORLD – hints: nominated for a Pulitzer…nominated for a Tony…freaking amazing…first name “Sarah,” last name “Ruhl.” – yes, SARAH RUHL is interviewing Oscar and Tony award-winning actress Frances McDormand at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

Frances McDormand interviewed by Playwright Sarah Ruhl. Poster courtesy of The League of Professional Theatre Women.

According to the a facebook invite from the League of Professional Theatre Women, “The ongoing Oral History Project chronicles and documents the contributions of SIGNIFICANT THEATRE WOMEN” – ie; dramachicks! – “in many fields.” The series is open to the public and made possible by the generous support of the Edith Meiser Foundation.

What’s even more amazing — ADMISSION IS FREE!

So on April 23rd – unless you’re in the middle of directing Romeo & Juliet or something equally important – make your way to NYC for this brilliant opportunity.  And say hi to Sarah Ruhl for me.  Again.  SIGH.

About dramachicky

I am a dramachick: a playwright, actress, director, wife, singer, reader, aunt, daughter, student, teacher, and dreamer. My husband has taken to calling me dramachicky. :-) I have my M.A. and M.F.A. in creative writing/playwriting from Wilkes University. My husband and I started a small theatre group in northeast Pennsylvania called Ghostlight Productions. I love all things theatre and I am thrilled to launch this blog as a celebration of women playwrights.
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