dramachicky: back for more

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve blogged! So much has happened: my full-length play was produced in San Francisco, another one of my ten-minute plays was produced in northeast PA, I had the privilege of playing Lady Macbeth in the Scottish play, I got to live a dream playing River Tam in our most recent Art of Combat Intensive, we produced our first Underage Theatre, I earned my green belt in American Combat Karate and I got a new full-time teaching job.

That’s a pretty full year. In case you were wondering why I didn’t have time to blog.  😉

But now I’m back! At least, I hope I’m back. There are so many exciting things happening in the theatre world (right now I am excited/bitter about the production of The Crucible being performed at the Old Vic in London; excited because of director Yael Farber’s vision and Richard Armitage’s performance; bitter because I don’t live anywhere near London and the show is sold out).  Anyway, there’s a lot to write about, both personally and in the theatre community at large. For starters, I’d love to share some pictures from the production of my play, Drowning Ophelia, directed by Ellery Schaar of Repurposed Theatre and performed in October 2013. My hubby and I got to see the show in San Francisco with my best friend and her husband; it was a fantastic trip and I look forward to telling you more about it very soon, along with sharing what other women are accomplishing in the industry. Hopefully these will hold you over until then.  🙂

Photos by Ted Davis. Poster design and photo by Robbie Sweeney Photography.


The cast, director and playwright for DROWNING OPHELIA. Left to right: Will Trichon, Ellery Schaar, dramachicky (Rachel Luann Strayer), Kirsten Dwyer, Ryan Hayes, and Katharine Otis.


Kirsten Dwyer as Ophelia


Lady Jane and Sir Edmund enjoy spaghetti (left to right: Katharine Otis and Will Trichon)


Adam threatens Ophelia (left to right: Ryan Hayes and Kirsten Dwyer)

Ophelia and Adam look on as Jane examines her gift (left to right: Kirsten Dwyer, Ryan Hayes and Katharine Otis)

Ophelia and Adam look on as Jane examines her gift (left to right: Kirsten Dwyer, Ryan Hayes and Katharine Otis)


Jane mourns Ophelia (left to right: Katharine Otis and Kirsten Dwyer)





About dramachicky

I am a dramachick: a playwright, actress, director, wife, singer, reader, aunt, daughter, student, teacher, and dreamer. My husband has taken to calling me dramachicky. :-) I have my M.A. and M.F.A. in creative writing/playwriting from Wilkes University. My husband and I started a small theatre group in northeast Pennsylvania called Ghostlight Productions. I love all things theatre and I am thrilled to launch this blog as a celebration of women playwrights.
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